"Stop being so obsessed with labels, like who cares if the guy has a preference for Asian girls?"


(The content is from a porn video. There is no actual sex scene, just really bad acting between an Asian girl and a Black man. I am not sure if there is any particular triggers to it but anyway it is really bad acting so……)

This video disgusts me because it reminds me so much about all the guys who have tried to hit on me in the most stupidest ways possible.

Fuck you if you tried to get with me because I remind you of an anime character/kpop idol. Fuck you if you thought that dating me will give you an all access pass to being surrounded by all things Korean because of that shitty fantasy you have in your Kpop/K-drama world. Fuck you if you tried to get with me because you’ve never tried Asian girls before. Fuck you if you tried to get with me because you heard that Asian girls are spectacular in bed and have a tight pussy. Fuck you if you decide to disregard my character and uniqueness and only see my race. Fuck you if you thought that I was an easy target, that it doesn’t take too much effort to sleep with me/date me. Fuck you if you’re a white person who thought it would be easy to get with me because ___ told you that Asian girls go for white guys due to their ~*social status and money*~. 

Here I have compiled a list of things said to me at my new job.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

My name is Erika and I am a 21 year old Filipino/Korean girl who is tired of feeling like the only positive aspect about dating me is because I am a fucking anime or kpop fantasy.