Pet Peeve.

   I really don’t appreciate how I’ve been hearing “You speak good English!” or “Wow, you speak so well” from the whites to the Asians on my campus. Also I don’t like it when people make them repeat what they said more than once just to be funny. If someone has an accent then you leave them the fuck alone. 

   I mean, seriously… think for a second. You try moving to a whole new country to get an education while having to worry about if your talking skills are up to par. 

   Just shut up and listen. I have plenty of friends who don’t have “perfect” English, but I understand what they’re saying. Some words might be missing, and some pronunciation may be off, but fuck it. I can understand them and they appreciate that. 

   Followers of AAGU, if English is not your first language, don’t be bothered by that. If white people, are offended or confused by how you speak, so be it. You’re intelligent for being able to be bilingual. 

   Plus if it makes you feel better, try imagining a white person that makes fun of you speaking your first language. Lol.