Anonymous said: Mindy Kaling's show is just white wash with all the white wash actors and white wash writers. There are hardly any POC actors on that show and if there are, they are only in it for a short time. Mindy Kaling's show is just her way to have white people like her.

i really don’t think this message is fair to mindy, especially the last sentence. i watch the mindy project, and yes, i agree that it’s problematic, especially the poc representation aspect of it, and yeah, it’s definitely a conversation we should have. but her show is not “just her way to have white people like her.” she’s a darkskinned woman of color with her own show. she’s the first south asian-american woman who has done this. her entire existence and success are against white supremacy. the fact that she is where she is as far as success on TV is not something white people like or something that white people in charge of TV are actively working towards ensuring (some of them are actively making sure it doesn’t happen actually). she could do better with the show, but i also don’t think it’s fair to expect her to shoulder that burden by herself, considering the exceptional position she’s in right now.