Anonymous said: hi, i'm a 16 year old Filipino girl who is secretly dating a black guy because my racist mom basically yelled at me if she ever found out i was dating a black person. she even threatened to kick me out of the house. what should i do? i don't want to keep secretly dating because i think it is unfair to my boyfriend...

When I published this, I did not add a response because in all honesty… I did not know what to write. I spoke to a friend about this and we exchanged a few thoughts.

This is without a doubt a tough situation that I wish you weren’t in. I suggest you try to speak to your mama about her racism and why she feels this way. Trust me, the following is not something I will type with ease. For your safety (I would probably feel something else if you weren’t 16 years old) and as you wrote, it is unfair to your boyfriend, perhaps it’s for the best if you break up with him. Unless both of you are OK with having some kind of an agreement about keeping this relationship a secret. 

I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong and much love.