Dear Kanye,




Your album Yeezus got leaked, and in a mix of excitement and anticipation I jumped on to the hype of searching up your tracks and listening in on the music you had in store for my ears.

I came across “I’m In It”, the beat so hard, the drop so dirty. 

Until the words you uttered sliced my excitement in half.

Eating Asian pussy, all I need is sweet and sour sauce!”

Hold the phone now, what?

Our pussies don’t require your sweet and sour sauce. Or any kind of food/condiment related to the continent of Asia. And I don’t even like sweet and sour sauce (don’t judge me). We are not an orientation. We are not objects. We are not something to eat your food off (unless we decide you can, even then I’m all for the chocolate).

We are women. Who happen to be Asian. Not for sweet and sour sauce. And your fetishistic behaviour. Get out of here.

I love Kanye but I will never tolerate the fetishization of Asian women. As the submittor wrote… Get out of here. 

If anyone puts sweet and sour sauce on my pussy, I’ll put wasabi up their butt.