I am angry.

I am angry that being mixed (Japanese and white) makes me afraid to speak out because I identify as a person of color and some people act like there is nothing worse than a woman of color calling a white person out on their racist bullshit.

I am angry that when my white friends speak out, they are treated with respect and they are listened to. I am angry that when I speak out, I am interrupted, told I am “biased” and “butthurt” and “don’t even look that Asian, so why am I bothered?”

I am SO VERY ANGRY that I am verbally attacked for suggesting that my culture is appropriated. For suggesting that studying Japanese culture isn’t enough justification to wear a kimono whenever the hell you feel like it. And how DARE you attempt correct me on something that you think you know because you “took a class” when your ass is actually wrong; Japanese culture isn’t just something to study, IT IS MY LIFE AND FAMILY.

The silence to the racist jokes, cultural appropriation and just general racism ends TONIGHT. I am sick and tired of white people telling me to sit down and shut up because I’m “too sensitive” or “not really Asian”. Yes, I am mixed. But that does not mean you can tell me what my life is, how I feel, or that I shouldn’t be offended.

Starting right this second, with this very submission, I am speaking out. And the first thing I want to say? Pipe the fuck down and listen to me for once. Because what I say matters.