A body positivity blog for Asian women: Asian Women Body Rainbow

Inspired greatly by Asian Face Appreciation Day, I started Asian Women Body Rainbow. It’s a visual body positivity blog for Asian women. Ifonlyfor is also going to be moderating there. We hope you’ll check out the blog, follow, and submit photos or videos for it. The concept is very simple! Here’s a link to the first part of the FAQ:

Asian Women Body Rainbow represents the wider spectrum of women who do not fit the transnational mainstream entertainment industry body type for Asian women. This means most Asian women.

  • women who are thick
  • women who are stocky
  • women who are plump
  • women who are big
  • women who are fat
  • women who are very tall
  • women who are very muscular
  • non-gender-conforming women
  • women with visible disabilities
  • women who are visibly pregnant
  • women with darker skin who have been underrepresented due to colorism
  • women with genetic body differences (e.g. albinism, dwarfism)
  • women with skin conditions (e.g. scarring, hyperpigmentation)
  • elderly Asian women


What does “woman” mean?

Anyone who identifies as a woman.

What does “Asian” mean?

Anyone who identifies as Asian due to ancestry in an Asian country. This includes multiracial Asians of any mix. 

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog is designed to support Asian women looking for visual reinforcement that our bodies don’t need to fit a certain restrictive mould promoted by the fashion industry in order to be beautiful and of worth.

Here’s a video I recorded talking about the mission of the site and relating my personal experiences with struggling for body positivity as an Asian-American woman.

We plan on posting at least one photo a day and have a lot of images queued up. Please note that due to issues I’m sure you can imagine, we won’t publish nude images, and would prefer anyone submitting personal photos be 18+. Check the FAQ for further details. We’re keeping this highly targeted on images only—no text posts or asks, but we’d be happy to answer questions or take feedback here, or you can send us Asks privately

I’m very excited about this project and hope that other people will find it useful! Please reblog so that we can reach a wide target audience. Thank you.