Teen Wolf Introduces a Kitsune character… I wait with soured breath.

I went to the Teen Wolf panel at the San Diego ComicCon and the writer talked about how they were going to introduce a new character based on the kitsune myth and that they were going through casting. Scott is basically white on the show with Boyd as the only one lone, very obvious, PoC. Racism hasn’t quite been touched on despite the sole reason Boyd becoming a werewolf was because he hadn’t made any friends and just wanted to belong. Gee, I wonder why. The ambivalence of race on the show is pretty much overshadowed by the Werewolves vs. Hunters vs. Darach… that instinct is roiling in my stomach. Everything I predicted for Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior turned out right from Brenda Song’s character’s boyfriend being white to the Asian male co-star not being a love interest (she claimed he was a cousin.) It’s also MTV producing the show. My hopes are so low for this, I just want to be pleasantly surprised. Just once.