Can you read numbers?

So I just had a white co-worker ask me: “Do you guys, like Chinese and Japanese, read numbers?” I’m standing dumbfounded by his question. He elaborates on his question.

him: “I mean like numerals. Like 1, 2, 3, 4, etc”

me: “…………uh.”

him: “We don’t need to translate the numbers when we translate the rest of the app right? You guys don’t have a special way to write numbers??”

me: “Um. /We/ have the internet. I’m pretty sure /we’re/ modernized enough to be able to read regular numerals. And like /you guys/, we have two ways of writing numbers. Like 1 and one.” *raises eyebrow annoyingly*

him: “Oh um, we have no idea how things work over there. Like at all. Just figured we would ask~”

me: “Right.”

I work at an almost completely white company/studio in Louisiana, so I guess this shouldn’t surprised me. But at the same time, really??