I hate how people think that all Asians look the same and they say I don’t look Asian or I don’t look like so an so. Despite being mixed (Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Japanese) I am pretty sure I am 100% Asian. I get shit from classism within the Asian community where I live because I am just a shade darker. Most of them tell me to use lightening creams or detox so I can look lighter; some people out right tell me that they don’t like to be friends with “dark” people. Some people I go to school with think it’s a compliment when they say, “Oh you are so cute, like a Korean/Japanese girl..” Teachers assume I can’t speak Vietnamese because I don’t look the other Vietnamese girls there.

Not all Asians are yellow, not all of them are light skinned, not all of them come from East Asia. As stated before Asia is vast and diverse but since media tends to focus on East Asia (all the while stereotyping), the other nationalities are affected as well.

(If this sounds pointless and repeated I apologize, but I really had to get this out since I’ve been suffering because of this stereotype.)